Fast facts

Type of race: Competition - road

When: 6th - 11th of july 2020

Where: Tidaholm

Categories: Coming Bikers, F & P: 10-12, 13-14, 15-16, Women (Juniors, Elite, Masters), Men Elite, Men Junior, Men Senior

Last day for registration to normal cost: 23th of June 2020

Invitation to the 44rd edition of PostNord U6 Cycle Tour

6th-11th of July 2020

Race categories

F 10-12*

Girls born 2008-2010

P 10-12*

Boys born 2008-2010

F 13-14

Girls born 2006-2007

P 13-14

Boys born 2006-2007

F 15-16**

Girls born 2004-2005

P 15-16**

Boys born 2004-2005


Women born 2003 or earlier holding a Women Junior-, Women U23-, Women Elite- or Women Master license

Herrar Juniorer**

Men born 2002-2003

Herrar Seniorer**

Men born 2001 or earlier holding a Men U23-, Men Elite- or Men Master license

Herrar Elit**

Men born 2001 or earlier holding a U23- or ME-license.

Coming Bikers*

Girls and boys born 2010 or later

*) Riders born 2010 and holding a license for youths are allowed to start in F10-12/P10-12. Riders born 2009 not holding a license for youths are allowed to start in the category Coming Bikers.

**) See more information below.

Race description

Stage 1

Time Trial

Stage 2, 3, 5

Road races

Stage 4


Stage 6

Time Trial

See details for each stage in the menu in the top.

Late registration


Race regulations

The race is run under the regulations of the Swedish Cycling Federation, swedish law and special regulations for this race.
The special regulations for U6 Cycle Tour will be published in the technical guide on the website, and will also be delivered to all riders together with the race numbers.

**F15-16, P15-16, Damer, Herrar Juniorer, Herrar Seniorer and Herrar Elit
F15-16, P15-16, Damer, Herrar Juniorer, Herrar Seniorer and Herrar Elit are open for individual riders and for teams. It is possible to register as individual rider, or as a team.

Individual, team, points, best Junior in Damer and best U23 in Herrar Elit   Teams:
To participate in the team competition in F15-16, P15-16, Damer, Herrar Juniorer, Herrar Seniorer and Herrar Elit, each team shall consist of at least 3 riders, and we prefer that no team consists of more than 9 riders. If that is the case we suggest that you register two teams instead (with different jerseys on the road races).
The teams can be club, regional, national, mixed teams. Special sponsored teams are also allowed.   Service:

Teams can have their own service car in the race, and it is also allowed for several teams or riders to share a car. All staff responsible for the teamcars must be licenseholders.   

You register your service car here.    

Radio communication:
The team cars shall be equipped with race radio, which are able to rent from the organizer for 500 SEK. Scanners are allowed.  

Gear ratios:

Coming Bikers:


F10-14, P10-14

669 cm

F15-16, P15-16

717 cm

Herrar Juniorer

793 cm

Damer, Herrar Seniorer and Herrar Elit


Blocked gears are allowed.

Registration fees

Coming Bikers

F10-12, P10-12

F13-14, P13-14

F15-16, P15-16

Damer, Herrar Juniorer, Herrar Seniorer, Herrar Elit


Account for payment




SE86 9020 0000 0902 2213 7446

Account owner: Cykelklubben U6




After all stages and categories there will be prize ceremonies for the first three of the stage, and the different jerseys.


This invitation has been approved by the Swedish Cycling Federation.